Majestic Murdeshwar

Another Weekend, Another Day, Another Evening and again eagerness to explore.

22 JUNE 2019

But this time it was Saturday evening and I was only having a Sunday with me. As I was in Mysuru after almost eight years I was looking forward to visit KRS dam which was just 25 kilometers from Mysuru.But who knew that my fate had other plans. As I was discussing the plans for Sunday with my colleague,Then he suddenly mentioned about Murdeshwar and that place just got stuck in my mind.Then I thought what if I can travel to Murdeshwar and came back to Mysuru in a day and I started searching for bus availability for the same day to Murdeshwar on same day. Luckily the bus service was available and the seats were filling up as it was 4 in the evening. Mysuru –Murdeshwar (Dist- 410 kilometers)As it takes around 10 hours to travel and reach their. I made my mind that“

"Koi aaye ya nahi mujhe nahi pata par mai jaayunga”

So I decided to book my tickets and 2 of my collegues decided to join me for the 1 day trip as we were going to travel for 2 overnights as I had to report back to work on Monday again.But wait…….Monsoon had already arrived in coastal Karnataka and the forecast was heavy rains in Murdeshwar for the whole week and there were high chances of my trip getting ruined.But again……

I again I made up my mind..........

“Kaise karna hai kya karna hai pata nahi par mujhe ye trip complete karna hai”.

So we came back to Guest House Packed our bags and left as the bus was at 9 pm. As scheduled we left Mysore on time. As I was trying to sleep through out the journey but the ghats and beauty of the night sky kept me awake .

23 JUNE 2019

The Bus stopped at 1 am for a refreshment break and it was drizzling and we were passing through the dense forest and fireflies all around just imagine the weather…..


“Aise mausam mai chai ko kon bhool sakta hai “

So we were back on our route after a short break.

With all excitement for the day ahead we reached Murdeshwar sharp at 7 in the morning.


(Murdeshwar is a town in BhatkalTaluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India.

The origin of the name "Murdeshwar" dates to the time of Ramayana.Well if you read the story of Atma Linga, you will get to know the significance of this palce…..)

So after getting down be booked rooms for kept our bags and freshened up and were ready to go on beach, but it started raining heavily and it only lasted for 20 minutes and we were on the beach to play.

We still decided to play without even caring about the rain for an hour and half.

So after again getting freshened up we went to the famous Murdeshwar temple built on Kanduka-Giri .

Well Lord Shiva's statue built in Murdeshwari 123 feet tall making it the second highest statue of Lord Shiva.....

With waters surrounded from three side of Arabian sea which is just mesmerizing and so beautiful.

Also with a 20 storey gopura constructed at the temple allowing visitors to reach the 20th floor through lift and enjoy the scenic view all around.

It was 11:30 as we completed the darshan of lord shiva and explored the Kanduka-Giri.So we had our breakfast and planned to visit Apsarkonda Falls in Honnavar which was 25 kms from Murdeshwar and booked an auto for 600rs with return.


“Ever Imagined a Pond with a small waterfalls facing beach”

Yes it exits in Apsarkonda !!!!

It was the first time I ever visited a falls and It was just so beautiful .

The water stream further leads to one the unexplored place Apsarkonda beach and spent 3 hours exploring and came back to Murdeshwar at 3pm.


Then we came to realize that we had’t yet had our our lunch and came to know that we ran out of money with all atm’s closed at Murdeshwar and restaurants not accepting cards we got stuck and only had Kanda bhajji and tea with the leftover amount.

We spent 2 hours roaming and spending time we were ready to return as bus to Mysuru was at 6:30pm with wonderful memories and one of the most thrilling trip.

As we were out of money and very hungry hoping to withdraw cash at Kundapur, but again we didn’t find any ATM’s near bus station.

Luckily a shopkeeper accepted our Gpay payment and we purchased some biscuits and supplies for keeping us going through night.

24 June 2019

We were back at Mysuru at 5am in the morning completing the most unexpected and unplanned trip of 2019……..


1. Always carry enough amount of food supplies while traveling.

2. Also withdraw enough amount of cash every time.

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