The Konkan Tales Part 2.......

It was 16 March 2019........

I woke up early as to worship my Kula-Devata (clan god) Vyadeshwar as It was one of the luckiest and the best chance for me to offer my praying.


One of the 60 temples where Lord Shiva appeared when Parshuram requested many deities and the temple was built sage Vyad.

After The holy worship we had breakfast opposite to the temple and decided to explore Light House and Gopalgad for the rest of the day by leaving at 10 am and thinking of having lunch back in Guhagar around 2 pm.

There's saying that-

"If you plan something and start over expecting the things to go in your way you planned, it always ends up being the opposite... "

I learned this on that day....

So, Unlike being lucky like the first day as there is less frequency of transport we ended up waiting for bus for nearly a hour to reach Anjanwel.


It's a small village located 18 kilometers from Guhagar. With a hilltop lighthouse and a fort located beside named Gopalgad.

Assuming the distance is not much and planning to take a walk.....

Anjanwel - Gopalgad (2 kms) (assumed)

Gopalgad - Lighthouse (0.5 kms) (assumed)

We again made the wrong decision by taking the other route which was deserted.

As it was summer season walking under the scorching heat for 45 minutes we finally reached Gopalgad Fort.

There We came to know that the distance from Anjanwel was not 2 kms but it was 4.8 kilometers.

There are many things which life teaches in it's own way....

Gopalgad Fort

As it was one of the forts bulit in 16th century by king named Siddisad spread across 7 acres of land...

While exploring the fort we spotted few foxes as they were at a safe distance also unfortunate to take their pics we continued to explore.

After taking a short rest and enjoying view from fort we again started towards the light house which happened to be 2 kilometers far from fort.

After reaching the light house we came to know that it opens only at 3pm and for the duration of 2 hours.

So with lot of time left we decided to go to watch dolphins.

About which we found some banners on the way to Gopalgad and tried my luck by contacting the details given on the banner.

But luck was not on our side that day.

So we started to walk back towards

Anjanwel.On our way back we found a place we was so beautiful. With vast sea in-front and enjoying oceanic breeze it was amazing.

It was around 1pm hungry and finding shops to fill our water bottles we came down the hill....

While we came across a small and newly opened hotel we decided to have food. But we didn't got lunch and had poha which were good enough to fill our stomach's.

After again waiting for 30 minutes we didn't got bus so we took lift on a bike.That guy dropped us at a intersection near Anjanwel. Hoping to get a bus from there we again waited for 30 more minutes and reached Guhagar at 4 in the evening.

Then we took a stroll on beach played a few sports with local and started to pack our bags.

As were leaving Guhagar on the same night I was feeling a bit uneasy because I had never felt so good in years.

"GUHARGAR" (Things I Came to Know...)

A Beautiful and peaceful place where you can spend your time with family and friends.

A place far from the urban junk.

A place surrounded with many ancient temples and many more......

A place which became my all time favorite.............

With lots of unexplored places around Guhagar I was felt uncomfortable missing the awesome sea shore that sunset and much more.....

I made out my mind to come again and dedicate one more trip to this Konkan Belt...



Well It happened to be exactly after a year.

I came Back........

So Lets Go forward to Day 1 again but on other date........

7 March 2020........

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