The Konkan Tales Part 1.......

Updated: May 2, 2020

Well, it was 13 March 2019 evening, with weekend coming up and having enough leaves to take from work. Was thinking about going somewhere but was unable decide where.

Then a Place came in my mind which I was willing to travel since months “GUHAGAR”.

GUHAGAR” (Things I knew before visiting)

It’s a city in Ratnagiri District in the Indian State of Maharashtra. With almost 4 kilometers of long beach famous for obviously Haappus (Alphonso) mangoes, Coconuts and known for Vyadeshwar Temple and Durga Devi Temple.


On 14 March 2019 I finalized and decided to leave for Guhagar on 15th. With my friend also willing to join me, We booked our stay in Guhagar’s Durga Devi Premises itself for 2 days.

On Next Morning, With after a cup of chai we decided to leave but wait,


With no Knowledge of travel convenience from Shirwal (50 kms from Pune, Where I stay).We decided to opt for a cut journey I.e

Shirwal- Satara (60 kms)

Satara - Chiplun (121 kms)

Chiplun - Guhagar (46 kms)

At 7:30 Am we got a bus to Satara and reached at 9 am and completed our breakfast and luckily as planned we got the bus for Chiplun.

On the way to Chiplun you come across many scenic views as on the route you pass through few ghats and you can

also visit Koyna Dam.

During The Summer Season the Roads are mainly under maintenance as to make them perfect for Monsoon.

The four lane highway work from Guhagar to Chiplun is also being constructed which cause traffic congestion on the route.

The route is so scenic that you can see various water streams and waterfalls in Rainy season.

(View of valley from Kumbharli Ghat)

From Chiplun we reached Guhagar around 3pm.

The Vyadeshwar Temple is just right beside Guhagar bus stand.

As we took blessings of Lord Shiva and then Straightly we headed towards Durga Devi Temple where we were going to stay which is 1.5 kms from Vyadeshwar Temple, The Place was also Clean and Neat, There are rooms with facilities with TV, hot water and attached bathrooms.

The Beach was just right 100 meters from the place where we stayed.

I was so excited to go beach because I never went to any beach since 2012.

The first reaction of mine after seeing was just inexpressive. I had never seen such a clean beach with clear waters in life time.

One more thing to notice was there were only about 15 to 20 people on the beach.

With some small chat stalls located on the shore one can easily spend time with family by enjoying the sunset.

I also felt so peaceful which I never felt anywhere.I was just feeling of spending whole day on beach.

That’s was the end of day 1.

With no plans of where to go on Day 2,

I woke up………

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