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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The memories of the last week’s k2s trek were still fresh and another weekend coming ahead I was planning to experience a group trek with friends.

Since one of my colleague from work was in one of the group as Onstorm Trekkers which organizes various treks every weekend.

There was only one intention in my mind which was to travel and enjoy the weekend no matter what.

So with full excitement decided to participate in Rajmachi Fireflies Trekking Event.


Udhewadi village forming as a base camp for these twin forts.

Rajmachi is just 16 kms far from Lonavla.

People from Pune Mumbai can easily travel by local to lonavla and head towards Rajmachi...........

June 1

So the day came .................

I left around 3:00 pm towards Shivaji nagar railway station where the group was going to board the train to lonavla.

So I reached Shivaji Nagar station finding the volunteers of Onstorm group managing the participants of trek.

Unlike other participants who came with their friends to participate I was one of the Solo Participant.

My friend from work Parshuram was also one of the volunteer introduced me to the guys leading the event Kaushal and Eshaan with Prateek and Vedant.

After waiting for 30min at the station we started our journey towards Lonavla.....

We left from there exactly at 4:44pm and reaching lonavla around 6:10pm.

So we got off at Lonavla,With the whole group scattered everywhere, Me and one more guy Aniket came to the exit looking for the group and ound out we were the first ones to reach.

After getting united with group again with a small introductory session we started to move towards our pickup van.

But due to some reasons the picup vans were late. So after getting mingled with the group and waiting for a hour the pickup van arrived and we reached the starting point of the trek.

Well I was so exicted that that I almost forgot that i came with the group.

After Some basic guidelines from Kaushal And Eshaan we started the trek.....

The whole group was made into subgroups of 4.But It lasted only for 15 minutes .

Well I was in the first group and our group gained speed and we got a gap of 300 feet.

But Still we continued. As we needed to cover the distance of 4 kilometers we didn’t stop and continued.

Took this pic from Google was not so good at photography back then.....

The specialty of the trek was spotting fireflies which are favorable to be spotted only in pre monsoon.

So after walking for nearly 3 kms we take a break for 20 minutes waiting for rest groups to join us.

We reached at base village which was Udhewadi at 9pm.

So we reached a villager’s house which was a quite nice open place. Also the dinner was so unexpected from me to be so awesome.

I was was too tried that I was alomost slept until I Spotted a fiefly stuck in Eshaan‘s hair.

Which gave us the chance to have a closer look of firefly.

While there were few other trekking groups as well. Some were busy with music jam’s and few were busy in phones. Some participants also went to explore...

This Day That Year

After some time Me,Eshaan and Prateek started gossiping casually it was around 12:30 am while many participants went and few slept. I donno how we started discussing about paranormal activity and it started to gave the same feeling. While we were only 3 of us discussing these things two of participants (I don’t remember their name ) joined us which made the conversation more interesting we just started to gossip like we know each others from years.

I don’t know how the time passed as it was 3am....

Well that was the best part of trek......

After having only 3 hrs of sleep we woke up fresh and exited to hike Manaranjan fort.

Before that how could someone miss the typical Maharastrian breakfast Kanda Pohe.

It was around 8 am we started to hike the Manaranjan Fort as its a short hike of around 45 minutes we reached hill top.

Well you can spend an another hour or 2 exploring Manaranjan with beautiful scenic views all around.

When on group trek never forget to take group photos which helps you remember everyone even if you cross there paths even after years..

Manaranjan Fort is so beautiful in monsoon like its heaven on earth. But it was during pre monsoon season we went all was dried but was still awesome.

So after spending some on top we came down to base and enjoyed some local snacks..

It was around 12 noon when we came down...

As we were tired and less time to spare we skipped Udaysagar lake.

Well after taking rest we were ready to depart from Rajmachi creating lots of memories and enjoying the weekend.

Thanks to the Team of Onstorm trekkers for managing the trek so well.





Instagram- (beyond_any_therepy) well he requested .....


For making this trip memorable.....

Hope this reaches to every participant....

So the first weekend of June was awesome.

But I didn't knew June of 2019 was going to be the best for me to travel..........

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